Take the “4 Steps to Coaching Mastery” Challenge and Be a Better Coach Today!

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between managing and coaching? Do you find it difficult to hold other people accountable? Do you want to experience more ease and confidence in helping people be their best?

Then join me on this 4 week challenge and level up your coaching skills!

4 Steps to Coaching Mastery - Challenge Style Course

In this Challenge, I am going to show you how to level up your leadership success, grow your ability to be uber productive, master working through others for optimal success, and produce unprecedented results in coaching your team, associates, or suppliers. 

There is no mystery to what makes a great coach - it takes work, discipline and consistency.

The good news is anyone can learn to be a coach by doing what great coaches do. Success is made up of all the small moments, day in and day out.

It includes your mindset and it includes your actions.

When you learn how to master the fundamentals of coaching people to reach their full potential you become unstoppable. 

The key thing to understand is that it is not just knowing what the great coaches do, it is actually practicing  what the great coaches do that sets you apart.

Coaching can become natural for you. In fact, I have trained hundreds of leaders to be great coaches. And you know what? I think it is the most rewarding skill set to learn because we get to make a bigger impact on others. 


I want coaching to be easy for you. I want coaching to be a natural self expression for you. 

The people you lead are counting on you to have exemplary coaching skills - take this challenge and become the best coach you can be for them. 

Everyone can improve their coaching skills - no matter where you are starting at - from first time supervisor, solo-entrepreneur, new founder, or long time CEO.

In anything I teach, I am committed to giving you the ability to be a great coach - not just knowing how to be one.

That is the difference between being “book smart” and being someone who actually lives and embodies the habits that attract success time and time again.

In this challenge I will share with you the 4 Steps to Coaching Mastery.

These are the coaching steps I have discovered and practiced over the last 20 years in leading Fortune 500 teams and by studying what the greats have in common. 

There is no fluff here. Each week you will receive 5 short video lessons personally from me training you in a fundamental coaching skill you can practice immediately. 

I also share with you my proven coaching guides and templates for:

  • How to set goals with the people you coach
  • Keeping your coaching relationships fresh and relevant
  • Having powerful and effective one-on-one coaching conversations
  • Scheduling your coaching time for the perfect length, cadence and format

Imagine what difference this can make over the course of one month in your own leadership, coaching, confidence and results.


I have coached hundreds of successful leaders around the world on these principles and I promise you there is no easier way to level up your game than to learn what has worked for others and apply it in your life. 

If you are not practicing daily the art of coaching, you are missing out on a new level of effectiveness, confidence, enjoyment and peace of mind. 

Supervisors, Managers, Sales Leaders, Executives, Founders, Entrepreneurs who want to succeed need to be an excellent coach for their people. 

This online challenge will provide you with practical strategies to level-up your ability to impact change; turbo charge your productivity, and build momentum in any person or team you are committed to coaching. 

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Learn to level up your Coaching Success:

In Chad Gibson’s 4 Steps to Coaching Mastery, you will learn:

STEP 1 - Set the Game

  • Discover why people even need or want a coach
  • Understand how to clearly define goals and outcomes
  • Practice having the conversations that define what success looks like
  • Gain the mindset to help others stretch beyond their comfort zone
  • Learn the difference between being a coach and a player

STEP 2 - Build the Relationship

  • Practice the key to coaching success - being there 100% for them
  • Establish roles and responsibilities
  • How to be a coach versus a friend
  • Understand the difference between coaching and managing
  • Learn how to set a foundation of trust

STEP 3: Power the Communication

  • Learn the formula for having great 1:1 conversations
  • Gain confidence in redirecting behavior
  • Understand how to have tough conversations
  • Know how and when to celebrate success
  • What to do when expected results are not showing up

STEP 4 - Keep the Discipline

  • Learn the key steps to long-term coaching success
  • Set the perfect coaching calendar and cadence
  • Set the perfect coaching calendar and cadence
  • Get the formula to being prepared for every conversation
  • How to plan for consistent, reliable and outstanding results
  • How to ensure you take it across the finish line as a coach

Whether you are a new leader or entrepreneur or you are a seasoned founder or executive - come and join us for this fun and highly practical coaching challenge course!

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