The High Performance Habits Leadership Challenge Will Level-Up Your Ability to Impact Change; Turbo Charge Your Productivity, and Build Momentum in any Project You Are Working On

High Performance Habits Leadership Challenge

In this Challenge, I am going to show you how to level up your leadership success, grow your ability to be uber productive, master working through others for optimal success, and produce unprecedented results in a current project or initiative!

The High Performance Habits Leadership Challenge!

Level-Up Your Ability to Impact Change; Turbo Charge Your Productivity, and Build Momentum in any Project You Are Working On.

There is no mystery to what makes a great leader - it takes work, discipline and consistency. The good news is anyone can learn to be a great leader by doing what great leaders do. Success is made up of all the small moments, day in and day out.

It includes your mindset and it includes your actions.

When you learn how to be a master of your mind combined with being a master of the specific high performance habits you will be unstoppable. The key thing to understand is that it is not just knowing what the great leaders do, it is actually practicing  what the great leaders do that sets you apart.

A habit is simply something we practice enough times that it becomes natural to us.

I want high performance leadership to be natural for you - no matter where you are starting at - from first time supervisor, solo-entrepreneur, new founder, or long time CEO.

In anything I teach, I am committed to giving you the ability to be a great leader - not just knowing how to be one.

That is the difference between being “book smart” and being someone who actually lives and embodies the habits that attract success time and time again.

In this challenge I will share with you The High Performance Habits that will virtually guarantee your success in any endeavor you choose to take on.

These are the habits I have discovered and practiced over the last 20 years of leading Fortune 500 teams and by studying what the greats have in common.

There is no fluff here. In this one month challenge you will receive 5 videos a week for 4 weeks. Each short video lesson is me personally sharing a habit that you can practice immediately that day.

Imagine what difference this can make over the course of one month in your own leadership confidence and results.

I have coached hundreds of successful leaders around the world on these principles and I promise you there is no easier way to level up your game than to learn what has worked for others and apply it in your life.

If you are not practicing daily the art of leadership, you are missing out on a new level of effectiveness, confidence, enjoyment and peace of mind. Supervisors, Managers, Sales Leaders, Executives, Founders, Entrepreneurs who want to succeed need to practice the high performance leadership habits.

This online challenge will provide you with practical strategies to level-up your ability to impact change; turbo charge your productivity, and build momentum in any project you are working on.

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Learn how to level up your Leadership Success:

In Chad Gibson’s High Performance Habit Leadership Challenge, you will learn:

Week 1: Getting the Champion’s Mindset RIGHT from the START

  • How to know if you have the right frame of mind for success
  • Why being able to “shift perspective” is critical to avoid failure
  • Understanding the way we think and how you can use it to your advantage
  • The 5 hidden causes of failure and how to avoid them
  • What pro athletes so to “get and stay in the zone” and how you can use it
  • How to create “flow states” in which you unlock your creativity and genius
  • What you need to do every day to live your day by design.

Week 2: How to Translate your Vision to Reality so OTHERS can FOLLOW YOU

  • How to rediscover your vision and what really matters to you
  • The 5 proven ways to get clarity and focus on your vision
  • How to translate what is in your head to others so they understand
  • How to formulate a plan and strategy to get to work on the vision
  • How to avoid “overwhelm” and not knowing where to start
  • Learn the art of “timing” and who to involve when
  • How to deal with disappoint and others negativity

Week 3: Learn to Communicate with Mastery and become Unstoppable

  • Without communication nothing happens; with it the world moves
  • Learning to be a great communicator today and not waiting for someday
  • How to deal with difficult people and naysayers
  • How to effectively share your vision with a team
  • How to be confident in your own style and swagger
  • Learn the art of listening as your doorway to exceptional results
  • Enjoying the journey of communication - peace, ease and laughter

Week 4: How to Stay Disciplined and Focused through to Results You Love

  • How to master your time management and results
  • Why we think “I don’t have enough time” and how to change that forever
  • Busting through the execution myth and becoming the most valuable player
  • The daily ritual that must customize for yourself
  • How to plan for consistent, reliable and outstanding results
  • The 5 Action Planning Steps that work
  • What to do when everything goes wrong so you can get back on track.

Whether you are a new leader or entrepreneur or you are a seasoned founder or executive - come and join us for this fun and highly practical High Performance Habits Leadership challenge!

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