The 45-Minute Fast-Action Workshop To Dramatically Increase Your Ability to build winning relationships on your team!

How to Initiate, Nurture, and Grow productive and meaningful relationships so that you can cultivate your influence, effectiveness, and impact - For better results, confidence and satisfaction. 

In this 45min LIVE training, I will show you how to build winning relationships with your team and colleagues. I will be sharing exactly how to connect emotionally and professionally with the people you work with and engage them to fully support you in your ideas and projects - whether you are leading a team of two or ten thousand - these are the key fundamentals that most leaders miss. 

Do you ever feel frustrated with some people? Do you secretly wish some of the “difficult” people would just back off and give you your space and due? 

Most leaders deal with difficult relationships that seem to impede their personal ambition or commitment to results - often, this can stop leaders in their tracks and lead to resignation and cynicism if their contribution is not valued. 

Moreover, how many of you lose touch from time to time with what matters to you, your passion, your drive, your enthusiasm? Or you may question yourself if you are on the right track or not and if it is all worthwhile. 

It's pretty normal.  Most leaders, whether they admit it or not, are confronted by other people and frustrated in their meaningful work relationships, often thinking they are misunderstood or not taken seriously. 

But relationships can be so much easier!


Well, first, it’s important to acknowledge that building winning relationships is not “naturally” easy. They take work like anything important in life.

But, what most leaders don’t know is that you are missing key components of how to build strong relationships, from the get-go, with anyone. 

There is an answer to forging great relationships that will not take you lots of time, training, or headaches :) 

I have led for over 20 years, with over 100 companies, to over 10,000 individual leaders. I estimate I have coached over 50,000 interactions specifically on the topic of “how to make this relationship work?” - and I am bringing all of the best practices I have to you in a single master class!!

The most successful leaders in the world are the ones who know how to build long-lasting, meaningful, connected, and fulfilling professional relationships. 

But what is needed to understand how the masters do it? How can you instantly connect with anyone at any time on a deeper level? How can you become the go-to person on your team for other people to seek out for guidance, advice, and camaraderie? 

Most leaders and business owners are missing the easiest way to instantly increase their relationship effectiveness and business results, which increases team morale, satisfaction, engagement, and harmony. 

If you lead a team (or plan to lead one) - you NEED to learn what I have jam-packed into this masterclass just for you. 

But how do I build winning relationships? 

What are the secrets to connect with all of my peers, no matter their tenure, experience, or background? 

How do I ensure I can be a trusted colleague viewed as an irreplaceable part of the team?

What happens when other people disagree with a direction I think is essential for our success as a team? 

That is what I will show you in this 45min live workshop.

There are 2 ways to join this training.
Either purchase it with lifetime access for one payment of $47 USD;
OR, join my Leadership Academy to get this training, and all of my leadership masterclasses, masterminds and online courses for $97/m (more info in the academy button below)


In this 45 min masterclass, you will learn:

  • How to position yourself as an authority in your area of expertise
  • How to connect personally with anyone at anytime
  • How to understand other people’s perspectives so that they like and trust you
  • The 5 major causes of getting “vetoed” as a team member
  • Why the best relationship builders have the most success and how you can too!
  • How to perform in team meetings
  • How to talk to the boss
  • How to lead your team with authority and still be liked
  • What relationship line never to cross, and why do most people miss it
  • How to enjoy your job, relationship, and success at a whole new level!
  • How to use the “Relationships Built to Last” Checklist for your immediate success
  • A bonus “relationship success map” will change how you listen, speak and act!

When implemented, this can TRANSFORM the success and outcomes you get in your business and team, increase efficiency and productivity, elevate team morale, produce breakthrough business results, and leave you with peace, tranquility, and excitement to fill in the missing gap of your relationship building!

Your team’s results = YOUR results. Learn how to make EVERYONE a winner.