The 45 Minute Fast-Action Workshop To Dramatically Increase Your Ability Lead GREAT Team Meetings!

How to Plan, Set Up, and Lead a PERFECT Team Meeting so that everyone stays uber productive, engaged and in action - For better team results and happiness.

In this 45min LIVE training, I am going to show you how to lead a perfect team meeting, workshop, or team event. I will be sharing with you exactly how to design and facilitate a world class session - whether you are leading a team of two or ten thousand - these are the key fundamentals that most leaders miss.

Hands up if people in your business complain about meetings?

Most teams think meetings are too long, too unorganized, too unfocused - often dominated by one or two strong personalities who talk too much :)

Moreover, how many of you cringe sometimes because you never really get to the root cause of issues or problems - or the same topics keep coming up over and over again every week with no resolution?

It's pretty normal.  In fact, most businesses are resigned to going through the motions in meetings and “getting out” unscathed.

But meetings have gotten a bad rap!


Well, it's not because you as the leader aren’t committed to having great productive meetings.

It's because you are missing critical components of design (which happens before the meeting), facilitation (happens during the meeting) and follow up (happens after the meeting).

There is a science I have honed to leading the PERFECT team meeting (is there really a “perfect” team meeting?) Maybe not, but I can get you pretty darn close!

I have led for over 20 years, to over 100 companies, to over 10,000 individual leaders. I estimate I have designed and facilitated over 2,000 meetings, events and trainings - and I am bringing all of the best practices I have to you in a single master class!!

The most successful leaders in the world are the ones who deliver consistent world class facilitation and delivery of their message.

But what are the fundamentals of being 100% prepared to rock your event or meeting or zoom call? How can you ensure that everyone leaves with the right actions, satisfied with participating, happy they contributed, and looking forward to the next meeting you host?

Most leaders and business owners are missing the easiest way to instantly increase meeting effectiveness and business results - which in turn increases team morale, satisfaction, engagement and harmony.

If you lead a team (or plan to lead one) - you NEED to learn what I have jam packed into this masterclass just for you.
But how do I really lead a great meeting?

What are the secrets to facilitating a group of people to a common place?

How do I ensure I design the right set up, format, timeline, and agenda for my team?

What happens when people “get in the weeds” and we lose track of the agenda?

That is what I am going to show you in this 45min live workshop.

There are 2 ways to join this training.
Either purchase it with lifetime access for one payment of $47 USD;
OR, join my Leadership Academy to get this training, and all of my leadership masterclasses, masterminds and online courses for $97/m (more info in the academy button below)


In this 45 min masterclass, you will learn:

  • How to design and facilitate the PERFECT meeting
  • Why running great meetings REALLY matter
  • How to get the benefits of running great meetings for your team
  • The most important question you can ask when designing any meeting
  • How to use the “Perfect Meeting Checklist” to ensure you don’t miss one critical element
  • What master facilitators “listen for” while leading  to ensure the meeting stays on track and relevant for all
  • How to “move conversations forward” when people get “stuck in the weeds”
  • The best way to set agendas and timelines for your meetings (download the templates of the ones I use for maximum results)
  • A Bonus Five Tips download to action today in your next meeting
  • The one magic question to ask to get people back on track every time

When implemented, this can TRANSFORM the success and outcomes that your business and team get, increase the efficiency and productivity of your meetings, elevate team morale, and produce breakthrough business results!

Your team’s results = YOUR results. Learn how to make EVERYONE a winner.