Qualified & Experienced
Leadership and Business Growth Specialist
Strategic Coaching and Advisory for Your Business Success 


Develop your Leadership, Create a Winning Plan, and Align Your Team for Unprecedented Business Results



Qualified & Experienced
Leadership and Business Growth Specialist
Strategic Coaching and Advisory for Your Business Success 


Develop your Leadership, Create a Winning Plan, and Align Your Team for Unprecedented Business Results

Consulting & Done-With-You Team Facilitation, Alignment and Planning Services & Leadership Training For Business Owners, Sales Leaders, and their teams.

Whether you need leadership training for yourself or your team, support with creating a winning actionable strategic plan, or getting buy-in from key stakeholders in your vision or new direction - Chad Gibson is a qualified, experienced, and internationally sought-after expert in the business of leadership and execution. 

With experience servicing and consulting businesses from StartUps to Fortune 100s, Chad is known as a go-to expert in helping people get on the same page and in action realizing the most pressing priorities of the business in real-time. 

Chad provides strategy and execution advisory for CEOs, Founders, Sales Leaders, Entrepreneurs, and their immediate Leadership Teams. As well as partnering with select companies to customize specific large-scale team workshops and keynotes on High-Performance Leadership. 

If you are looking for an immediate impact that reaches through to your people and goes beyond just “good intentions” then Chad is your partner for results that last.  

I personally provide one on one coaching, consulting, and services to organizations and individuals to:


Conduct strategic planning, customer journey mapping & profitability planning
Help you plan your profitable business model
Help you plan out your products and services packages, offers, and pricing for the customer experience and maximum profitability
Help you systematize and increase productivity in your teams
IImplement high-performance methodology and systems for generating alignment, actions, and accountability throughout your organization
Learn how to create your own engaging performance plan and how to “roll out” your business vision to your organization so that people care and engage
Plan your business strategy – helping you choose the right priorities and action plans that you need to keep the team on the same page
Help you and your business implement the exact meeting and communication structures to ensure you have just the right amount of communication and accountability
Create a formal communication plan and structure for your entire organization to ensure a transparent and magnetic culture
Advise you on ‘all the technical communication stuff’ required to deliver a world-class and highly profitable business




Want to have a business model and customer journey that works for you?

Want your strategic success plan created FOR you?

Want your team communication structures set up FOR you?

Want your performance planning systems set up FOR you?

Want a tailored high-performance plan and strategy to accelerate revenue and
execute your most pressing priorities as the leader of your business?




As a postgraduate qualified in Business Strategy, highly successful leadership coach and business owner, former leadership executive in three international companies, a Forbes recognized global business coach who has worked with over 100 companies and over 10,000 individual leaders, ranging from start-ups to Fortune 100s, I can help you build and scale a highly successful business.

Design, develop and complete your Strategic Plan and put in place the Leadership Structure with your team to ensure execution happens on your timeline. 


Chad Gibson is certified in Business Strategy from SC Johnson College of Business, Cornell University.

Chad has also been recognized by Forbes as a senior consultant with one America’s Top Management Consulting Firms in 2020.

You are assured of the highest quality of expertise, leadership knowledge, and support, backed up by over 20 years of experience and hundreds of clients. 

In-person, on-location or online services available!

If you are an office-based organization, I can come to you and work with you and your team in person as part of my consulting and team services.

Please contact me to discuss.

If you only need an online service, then choose my online 'done with you' option, where I get your strategic plan, communication structures, and next steps for you and your team clear WITH you live on zoom.

On screen together we get you set up in 1-2 hours so that you are DONE fast!


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(Please note that I am often booked up at LEAST 4-6 weeks in advance, so you may have to scroll along the calendar to find a spot.  If you are having trouble finding availability, contact me to discuss.)




The price for each call type will show when you click on 'BOOK SESSION NOW' in each description.

Please note that in-person/onsite consulting and services prices, and 'combination services' are customized based on the combination of the services below, whether you want a half-day or multi-day engagement. Please contact me for onsite or combination pricing.

Interested in a customized high performance keynote or workshop for your team? Find out more here

“Chad was vital to me becoming a better organized leader. He helped me articulate my vision, avoid communication breakdowns, and drive growth. Simply put, Chad delivers what we’re all after—results.”


- Jason Zelmer,  National Director of Sales and Practice Growth at The Aurum Group


Hi there, I'm Chad.

I am a postgraduate business strategy professional with over 20 years of experience as a qualified trainer, leadership developer, and organizational performance expert. 

I am a former executive of three international companies and was a senior business consultant with a global consulting group named to the Forbes list of top management consulting firms in America. 

I am also the CEO of an international leadership training company that has designed, developed, and delivered training and consulting to hundreds of companies and leaders since 2007.  

Over the past decade, I have helped thousands of leaders be better at work, lead more productive teams, build more successful businesses, and make a difference in the day-to-day lives of the individuals they serve. 

I have a BA Degree in International Relations, Postgraduate Certification in Business Strategy, and thousands of hours in boardrooms and on-stage supporting and empowering leaders to realize unprecedented business results. 

These qualifications, combined with the practical experience of teaching, training, and building a highly successful business, can assure all of my clients that they are in great hands.

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