Take “The Mindset of Success” Challenge and Start Thinking Like the Top 1% Today!

Have you ever wondered how top leaders produce such consistent results?
Do you find it difficult to focus on the right things at the right time for reliable output?
Do you want to experience more satisfaction in hitting your goals more quickly?

Then join me in this challenge-style course and level up your success mindset!

The Mindset of Success (How the Top 1% Think) - Challenge Style Course

In this course, I share the 5 Pillars of Mindset that all great leaders share in common so that you can immediately begin to interact with your current circumstances in a new and powerful way.

Once you cause a mindset shift for yourself, everything else changes with it. Your view of yourself and others can be a match for how the top leaders view the same areas in their life, and when that happens, you will find yourself taking new actions consistent with an expanded world-class view.

One of the questions I am asked frequently is, “Chad, what are the traits, characteristics, and attitudes of the top leaders?” That is a great question! If you want to shorten your learning curve, learning from the people who have walked the path before you is a surefire tactic.

However, many leaders (99%) are too proud to ask this question. They would rather pretend they have it all worked out than ask for help or guidance or to learn from the masters. Therefore, they spend years and years and waste a lot of time, energy, and earning potential to figure it out on their own (if ever at all).

I put together this short and powerful challenge-style course for those who are not too proud to learn from those who have walked in their shoes.

The sign of an intelligent and committed leader is being able to pull to themselves all the tools and learning they can need so that they are a better leader today, not someday.

For those of you, who this resonates with, I put together 5 lessons on Success Mindset so that you can instantly elevate your leadership skills naturally through learning how the greats view their leadership, teams, and business. 

The good news is anyone can be a top 1% leader.

But the secret is not just learning how they did it, the secret is to get into their mindset that gave them the results they got by doing what great leaders do.

Success is made up of all the moment-to-moment choices in our day.

It includes your mindset and your actions.

You become unstoppable when you learn how to master the pillars of the success mindset. 

The key thing to understand is, it is not just knowing what great leaders do, it is practicing what they do that sets you apart.

Leading as a Top 1% can become natural for you. I have trained hundreds of leaders in the very mindset lessons contained in this course. And you know what? It is the most rewarding skill set to learn because we get to make a more significant impact on others. 

I want leading to be easy for you. I want leading to be natural self-expression for you. 

The people you lead are counting on you to have exemplary skills - take this challenge and become the best leader you can be for them. 

Everyone can improve their leadership skills - no matter where you are starting - from first-time supervisors, solo entrepreneurs, new founders, or long-time CEOs. 

In anything I teach, I am committed to giving you the ability to be a great leader - not just know how to be one.

That is the difference between being “book smart” and someone who lives and embodies the habits that repeatedly attract success.

In this challenge, I will share the 5 Pillars of Success Mindset.  

These are the mindset lessons I have discovered and practiced over the last 20 years in leading Fortune 500 teams and by studying what the greats have in common. 

There is no fluff here. Just powerful, simple, and direct insight into how great leaders view their world. Study each video lesson (approximately 10 minutes each) and then use the Success Mindset Journal to personalize your mindset and capture your insights.

Imagine what difference this can make throughout your career in leadership, coaching, confidence, and results.

I have coached hundreds of successful leaders worldwide on these pillars, and I promise you there is no easier way to level up your game than to learn what has worked for others and apply it in your life. 

If you are not practicing the art of leadership mindset daily, you are missing out on a new level of effectiveness, confidence, enjoyment, and peace of mind. 

Supervisors, Managers, Sales Leaders, Executives, Founders, and Entrepreneurs who want to succeed need to be the top 1% of leaders for their people. 

This online challenge will provide practical strategies to level up your ability to impact change, turbocharge your productivity, and build momentum in any person or team you are committed to leading. 

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Learn to think like the Top 1%!

In Chad Gibson’s The Mindset of Success, you will learn how to expand your mindset to increase your productivity
and confidence in your leadership today!

Download a copy of your very own Success Mindset Journal and capture your insights as we explore these powerful lessons together:

Lesson #1: Vision - No Vision. No Leadership is Needed. Creating possibilities for the future is a mindset of great leaders. Without visionary leadership, there is nothing for others to follow. Without visionary leadership, everything stays the same.

Lesson #2: Expectations - Your expectations set the context of your leadership. What you see and don’t see is a function of the expectations you set for yourself and set for others.

Lesson #3: Discipline - Are you willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish your vision and goals? Very few leaders are willing to pay the price for success. Discipline is about doing the small things repeatedly with no hope of success until success emerges.

Lesson #4: Authenticity - People are attracted to real leaders who tell the truth and lead with openness. Are you allowing your passion to come through? Authenticity is a presence that cannot be faked.

Lesson #5: Accountability - Only the top 1% relate to themselves as 100% accountable. Don’t skim over this mindset shift. Without it, nothing else matters.

In this Challenge, I'll show you how to cultivate your leadership mindset for maximum performance and clarity! 

Whether you are a new leader or entrepreneur or a seasoned founder or executive - come and join us for this fun and highly practical leadership challenge course!

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