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Need a quick start to being a great leader?

I've got a FREE 5 day challenge that you can start right now to get your leadership skills levelled up so that you build confidence and know - how to lead your team!

I will send you daily videos, templates and tasks direct to your email inbox so that by the end of the 5 day challenge, you'll have a new rock solid foundation to effectively lead others. You will notice the difference. Your team will notice the difference. And You will be oozing confidence to tackle your next leadership challenges.

By the end of this challenge, you will have practiced the 5 key habits that every successful leader masters and will be ready to lead with confidence to hit the results you are expected to hit.

Yes, this is FREE, the entire 5 days.  There are no extra charges for all of this, you get everything listed below delivered straight to your email inbox each day:

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Get immediate access to the free
'Become a Better Leader in 5 Days'

Overview of your 5 day challenge:

Day 1

💡 A guided video explanation of how to win the challenge and get the most out of the daily leadership lessons

💡 A video tutorial on Abundance Mindset and how to apply it immediately to your leadership goals

💡 Never be short on time, money or resources again

💡 High Performance Habit #1 revealed       

💡 Download and fill in your High Performance Habits Journal

Day 2

💡 A video tutorial on how to think strategically as a leader

💡 Most leaders do not think from the outcome of what they are out to accomplish; and therefore they are always reacting to situations and “putting out fires”

💡 Don't be that leader, learn how to calmly plan for success and achieve it through your team

💡 High Performance Habit #2 revealed     

Day 3

💡 A video tutorial explaining how to build your team for maximum results

💡 Great leaders use the secret of “leverage”. You will learn how to use it too so that you can stop doing so much on your own

💡 High Performance Habit #3 revealed

Day 4

💡 Video tutorial guiding you through how to break through the “time management” barrier.

💡 Being a great leader means you must master your time efficiency.

💡 You will learn the secrets to supercharge your productivity

💡 High Performance Habit #4 revealed

Day 5

💡 A video tutorial providing you with the one secret that most leaders learn the hard way - I want to save you from “hitting the wall” and burning out.

💡 Take this habit on and launch your own sense of well being and satisfaction

💡 High Performance Habit #5 revealed

💡 Complete your online challenge and start being a better leader today!


Why You'll Love It:

💡 Launch your career and achieve your financial goals.

💡 Have complete insight into how your company functions.

💡 Start trusting your abilities with technology.

💡 Bring back the drive, determination, excitement, energy, and enthusiasm you once had for your company.

💡 Be certain, brave, and in charge of your professional life.

💡 Think of the overwhelming sense of accomplishment you'll feel when you tell yourself, "I DID IT!"

💡 Put everything into automatic mode so it runs smoothly around the clock.

💡 Get used to hearing "You've changed my life!" from grateful students, clients, and consumers.


5 Ways To Build Your Leadership Skills

Start Changing Lives Today

Being a great leader is a practiced skill. 

Speed up your learning curve and dramatically increase your industry reputation, people effectiveness and consistency in results. 

Let me help you be the best leader you can be in record time!


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Here are the six ways I can help you build leadership strength and deliver business results:

Business Growth Services:
Strategy and Execution Advisory

Why not just hand it over to the experts? I can work with you on screen to develop a first-class Strategic Plan for your business and team. I will walk you through my proven planning system and extract your vision, strategies, metrics, and action plans from your head.

Come with the boldest vision for your business and leave with a rock solid plan to make it happen.


High-Performance Teams:
Customized Workshops and Keynotes

As a consultant, I work with leadership teams and organizations to design customized performance and strategy engagements.

If you are interested in having me work with your teams please reach  out to me and request a quote.


High-Performance Coaching:
Membership Privileges

For those who are ready to take their leadership to the next level.

Get monthly live masterminds, monthly challenges, and immediate access to my Leadership Academy filled with resources to support you along the 'Leader's Success Journey'.



The High Performance Habits Leadership Course

Get LIFETIME access to my self-study online course that takes you through the 20 High-Performance Leadership Habits. Over 4 modules and 20 self-guided videos, you will practice the 20 habits that all the great leaders have in common.
Great for those who love to learn independently at their own pace. Just $79!

Become a better business leader

Free Class - Get It Now! 

No matter what you do - biz owner, sales leader, new manager, your leadership effectiveness = your results.

Level up your skills with this free 5 day challenge designed just for you!


Courses on Demand

Immediate access to leadership and business topics so that you can train at your own speed and show up a better leader tomorrow.
Don't wait to achieve your full potential jump into a topic of your choice today!


“Chad was vital to me becoming a better organized leader. He helped me articulate my vision, avoid communication breakdowns, and drive growth. Simply put, Chad delivers what we’re all after—results.”

- Jason Zelmer
National Director of Sales and Practice Growth at The Aurum Group


“Chad was transformative for The Aurum Group to learn and implement the skills and tools of a high-performance organization. His expertise has been integral to our next level of growth.”

- Mark Maier
President & CEO at The Aurum Group

"Thank you Chad for helping our global team organize ourselves. Your coaching helped us set clear objectives and actions toward our vision—with a roadmap for the path forward.”

- Niket Kothari
Senior Engineer, Microsoft Azure

"As a CEO, I often think there’s more to discover as a team and as a business. Chad came in, helped us see new things, and found irreplaceable value."

- David James
CEO, Nasco Staffing Solutions


Hi there, I’m Chad.

I am a postgraduate business strategy professional with over 20 years of experience as a qualified trainer, leadership developer, and organizational performance expert. 

I am a former executive of three international companies and was a senior business consultant with a global consulting group named to the Forbes list of top management consulting firms in America. 

I am also the CEO of an international leadership training company that has designed, developed, and delivered training and consulting to hundreds of companies and leaders since 2007.  

Over the past decade, I have helped thousands of leaders be better at work, lead more productive teams, build more successful businesses, and make a difference in the day-to-day lives of the individuals they serve. 

I have a BA Degree in International Relations, Postgraduate Certification in Business Strategy, and thousands of hours in boardrooms and on-stage supporting and empowering leaders to realize unprecedented business results. 

These qualifications, combined with the practical experience of teaching, training, and building a highly successful business, can assure all of my clients that they are in great hands.

Learn more about Chad here:

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